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Revving Up the Coffee Scene: Motorsport Coffee’s Rebrand for 2024

In the fast-paced world of motorsport, precision, speed, and innovation are essential. It's a world where every detail matters, from the aerodynamics of a race car to the taste of the coffee in the pit garage. Groves Design has taken the wheel, steering Motorsport Coffee towards a relaunch that promises to revitalize the brand and leave a lasting impression on the global racing community.

A Fresh Start: The New Face of Motorsport Coffee

Motorsport Coffee, a beloved name in racing circles, has undergone a dramatic transformation courtesy of Groves Design. The dynamic duo of Annabella Falletta and Rob Huff, the brains behind the brand, collaborated with Groves Design to give Motorsport Coffee a modern and captivating identity. The journey began with the creation of a new logo – one that captures the essence of speed, adrenaline, and the unmistakable thrill of motorsport.

The Contemporary Logo

Groves Design have crafted a contemporary logo that pays homage to the world of motor racing racing. The sleek design incorporates elements of a coffee cup, racing wheel and stylized ‘M’ representing motorsport. The choice of a simple black and white logo for the launch ensures that the logo stands out in the crowded coffee market. This fresh and dynamic logo sets the stage for Motorsport Coffee's re-entry into the limelight.

Packaging that Screams Motor Racing

As any motorsport enthusiast will tell you, the pit garage is not just a place for fixing cars – it's a hub of energy, passion, and camaraderie. Groves Design took inspiration from this atmosphere to create packaging that truly screams motor racing. The coffee bags are adorned with racing roundels, bold racing numbers to signify a coffee’s strength, and nods to famous racing circuits.

The Coffee Itself

Motorsport Coffee isn't just about aesthetics – the quality of the coffee itself has undergone a significant upgrade. Anabella and Rob worked closely with expert roasters to develop blends that embodies the spirit of motorsport. The result includes a bold, rich coffee that packs a punch – the perfect fuel for both drivers and pit crew alike. Whether you prefer a strong espresso or a smooth latte, Motorsport Coffee promises a taste experience that rivals the thrill of a high-speed race.

For Sale Now

The wait is over – Motorsport Coffee is now available for purchase! Head to to explore the exciting range of coffee blends, (merchandise and limited edition collectibles coming soon). Embrace the adrenaline of the racetrack with each sip and join the global community of Motorsport Coffee enthusiasts.

Racing Team Pit Garages - A Global Presence

Anabella and Rob's vision extends beyond individual coffee enthusiasts – Motorsport Coffee is set to make a statement in racing team pit garages worldwide. From Touring Cars, Endurance and Historic racing, the brand aims to become the preferred coffee choice in the high-stakes world of motorsport. Keep an eye out for the distinctive packaging in pit garages, signaling the arrival of a coffee brand that shares the same dedication to excellence as the racing teams it supports.

Motorsport Coffee's relaunch in 2024 is a testament to the power of collaboration and innovative design. Anabella and Rob's passion for motorsport, coupled with Groves Design's creativity, has given birth to a brand that transcends the boundaries of the coffee industry. From the contemporary logo to the racing-inspired packaging and the high-quality coffee blends, Motorsport Coffee is positioned to become the go-to choice for racing enthusiasts around the world. Don't miss out – grab your cup of Motorsport Coffee today and experience the thrill in every sip. And for those seeking a transformative rebranding journey, Groves Design is ready to accelerate your brand's success – talk to us today.

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