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Blistering barnacles, that's pretty cool.

Football kit designs can spark as much debate as sports logos, but Belgium has truly impressed with its latest away kit. The team will head to Euro 2024 sporting a striking Tintin-inspired ensemble.

The Royal Belgian Football Association's home kits for both the men's and women's teams continue to proudly feature the country's iconic red, reflecting their nicknames, the Red Devils and Red Flames. However, the away kit will be instantly recognisable to any fans of Hergé, the Belgian comic artist behind the beloved Tintin series.

While the players won't be donning Tintin's signature brown shoes or overcoat, the rest of the Belgian away kit pays homage to the adventurous reporter's classic look with a white-collared blue jersey, brown shorts, and white socks.

In a fitting tribute, the Belgian FA unveiled the kit at a press conference held at the Hergé Museum near Brussels in March, featuring models dressed as characters from the Tintin books. Adding to the fun, Belgian media frequently liken Manchester City midfielder Kevin De Bruyne to Tintin. Comedian David Baddiel has even suggested that manager Domenico Tedesco should dress as Captain Haddock.

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